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ROCK CIRCUS BAND offers a LIVE ROCK-DANCE SHOW, playing lots of Goldies often chained in juicy medleys with a unique and hot-tempered sound.
Our show is exciting, high-impact and engaging, and makes the audiences feel free to dance wild and become the absolute star of the evening. In addition, we are able to create custom setlists, based on your needs and on the event you wish to host, and we can enrich our line-up with dancers, jugglers and fire-spinners.

ROCK CIRCUS BAND is on the road since 2005 and is one of the most renowned cover band in the Centre of Italy since has performed hundreds of gigs, in music clubs and in private events (such as birthday/wedding/business parties). Its line-up is composed of five experienced musicians, that have worked both live and on studio sessions with several italian stars (such as Roberto Ciotti and Baby K), have played in TV shows (such as Amici and Io Canto) and have composed soundtracks. Last but not least, our version of "I'm A Believer" (from the Shrek movie) won the Music Star contest and became a downloadable mobile ringtone.
Enrico _ Mobile +39 388 6108761

Updated:  April 9, 2015

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