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Has recorded and performed with some of the most significant figures in their musical genres including: The Symphonic Orchestra of “Banatul” Philharmonic in Timisoara, Poncho Sanchez, Ernie Watts, Taj Mahal, Cybill Shepherd, Freddie Hubbard, Billie Higgins, Frank Morgan, Ron Affif, Jeff Clayton, Jeff Hamilton, Al McKibbon, John Pizano, Roy McCurdy, Joe LaBarbera, Sue Rainey, Ron Anthony, Cengiz Yaltkaya.
Performances in over twenty-five countries around the world as part of prestigious music festivals and through concert tours, such as: Havana Jazz Fest, Zagreb Jazz Composers' Fest – Croatia, Sibiu, Ploiesti and Bucharest Jazz Fest – Romania, Istanbul Arts Fest, French Anti-Racism Fest, performance and musical director at the Casablanca Jazz Fest – Morocco, Aqua Theater/Arts Fest and Tel Aviv Cinematic-Jazz Fest - Israel, Otis Art Fest, Audi Jazz Fest – Belgium, Karlovy Vary Jazz Fest – Czeck Republic, Gyor Mediawave Jazz and Film Fest – Hungary, Bali Jazz Fest – Indonesia, Novi Sad and Vrsac Jazz Fest – Serbia, North City Jazz & Blues Fest – Kosovo, Chisinau Ethno-Jazz Fest – Moldova, Playboy Jazz Fest.
In 2006 he has established a partnership with the American Cultural Centre in Bucharest for the purpose of improving cultural ties between the two countries and promoting American music.
He has performed original music with his own group at all the Los Angeles venues, from jazz clubs to museums, and tours Europe regularly. Referred to by Los Angeles jazz station KJAZ DJs as “the man who works ten nights a week”.
Has composed for film and commercials. The music composed for the Sears spot won the 1998 award for best electronic commercial in the US.
The majority of Tarmu's recorded music is original compositions, however his repertoire is vast, encompassing Latin jazz (Cuban and Brazilian), as well as The American Songbook, jazz standards and a significant classical music repertoire adopted for the vibraphone. He also performs as a solo vibraphonist.
Besides getting extensive worldwide airplay, his second CD, Get Up Close, was number 20 in American jazz radio charts for four straight weeks, playing on over two hundred stations nationwide.
The most recent CD, Songs for the Queen of Bohemia, features a string quartet from Timisoara, Romania, with vibraphone, bass and drums and crosses Middle-Eastern, East European and jazz styles, in all original pieces and arrangements. This project been touring and has received airplay on classical music as well as jazz and world music radio stations.
Samples from all of his CD releases can be heard on the web at: http://www.myspace.com/eldadtarmu.
He is currently collaborating with European Philharmonic Orchestras featuring original compositions and orchestrations that combine jazz elements and instrumentation with the classical orchestra.
Eldad is endorsed by Mike Balter Mallets and K&K Sound Systems and is a member of ASCAP, Chamber Music America and College Music Society.


Professor of Jazz Studies, head of the jazz music department at the “Richard Oschanitzky” Jazz Faculty, Tibiscus University, in Timisoara, Romania, from September 2005 until June 2009.
Subjects taught: Mallet technique, Jazz Harmony and Theory, Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Arranging, Rhythmic Studies, Ensemble Direction, World Music Styles (Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian, Middle-Eastern), Exotic Modes in Jazz, Rhythm Section Workshops for soloists and vocalists.
Since developing the Jazz Studies curriculum, the department has achieved state accreditation.
He has been holding jazz clinics and workshops at festivals and also in music camps in Belgium, Indonesia, Cuba and Hungary. The jazz camp in Romania, held under the patronage of the International Association for Jazz Education, was featured in Down Beat Magazine.


MM in Afro-Latin Music - California State University - Los Angeles
Diploma in Percussion Studies - Dick Grove School of Music - Los Angeles

Updated:  June 22, 2010

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