Alan Jay Geller Resume

       Teacher of Stevens-Costello method and student of Roy Stevens. Friend of
Larry Merregillano, Paul Bogosian and Lloyd Michaels(Roy's prize student).
My website tells about me and my teaching in New York of Steven's- Costello Embouchure Technique, endorsed by Charles Colin Publishers and William
Moriarity (past president of Local 802 in New York).
The DVD and book of the system is advertised on my website as follows: (This includes my private number for lessons)My e-mail
is or can be
I have exhibited at Banff,Canada and Harrisburg, Pa. at I.T.G. meetings.
Currently an active member of I.T.G. and advertise in their Journal.The Journal
is currently reviewing my DVD and book in the coming months.

Updated:  June 24, 2010

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