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Stephen Cohn is an Emmy Award winning composer and producer of music for films, TV and the concert stage. His projects have included stars such as Lily Tomlin, Joanne Woodward, Wallace Shawn, William Shatner, Colleen Dewhurst, Kathleen Quinlan in films produced by Universal, Columbia, ABC and PBS and many independents. His concert music has been performed and recorded by the world's finest chamber music ensembles including the Arditti Quartet. Recordings have been released by Albany Music, A&M Records, Warner Bros. Records, Motown Records, RCA and At Peace Media.

He has been using the Sibelius Notation Software in his own work for six years and has found it to be an invaluable tool. He has taught courses of instruction in Sibelius at UCLA Extension and has done private consultation with Lalo Schrifrin, David Benoit, Jeff Lorber, Vince Mendoza, Mark Watters and many others. The Sibelius Company has made him a Ambassador and recommends Stephen to local composers and orchestras as his extensive experience with the program has proven valuable to many.

His recent work with the Sibelius Program includes orchestration and score preparation for Lalo Schifrin's new composition for the Chicago Symphony, Fantasy and Screenplay for Orchestra, orchestration for Daniel May's score for Medieval Times written for ninety piece orchestra and sixty five voice choir, orchestrations for,Enter The Matrix,(the video game based on, The Matrix, Stephen's own new album for At Peace Media, American Folk Music Suite which recently won a Parents'Choice Gold Award,written for chamber ensembles and orchestra, recorded in Europe, score preparation and part extraction for David Benoit's premiere of L.A. Experience, orchestration and score preparation for Michaels Tavera's scores for Charlotte's Web II, and Land Before Time and a number of assignments with Lee Holdridge as arranger, formatting Sibelius scores and extracting parts for artist such as Placido Domingo.

Updated:  July 5, 2010

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