Christopher Lloyd Anthony Williams Resume

The future music pioneer

Born, Christopher Williams, moniker as Damas by many, he hopes to bring positive vibration to the music industry at home and abroad. The upcoming music mogul grew up in Kingston Jamaica. Where the struggles of life has though him to appreciate is talent that has grown into a long term relationship for him. When you mix the influences of living in the ghetto with an educated intellect - that has achieved all the levels of academic accreditation, fitting for any business man – and spiritually rooted individual then you will result in DAMAS.
The origin of the name Damas is Greek, Latin with the meaning(s) depending on Gender/Origin being “One who tames Spirit”, and taming the spirit is surely what Damas aims to do with his music - extending his vocals challenging all world genres and spreading the message of love and light Damas is great for all audience and is always well received by his fans world wide.
Not only vastly experienced as an entertainer but is also fully involved in the financial, promotion and production aspects of his career. Singly handing man hovering his internet skills and social network connections he has gained a large number of fans and supporters around the world – a joyful, warm, welcoming mature individual, Damas surrounds himself with love and light and he has genuine likeness for all his fans and well-wishers. “Reggae is my playground” says the artist when he describes is talent of being that of a musician and not just an mc – his focus is to use all genres and styles of music to convey the same message in each song. With the releases of “The Road a Life” / “Suffering” / “Blood Run Over” / “Evil People” – we can see that Damas is well working his way to be signature artist in the reggae and dancehall industry. Unique in his ways of expressions – the lyrical content is nothing near mediocre or monotonous with the everyday music – every track details different variations of world music - Jamaican in dialect his slanging and clichés making him something strange and a stand out act on the international scene.
Reggae lovers in the Germany, United Kingdom and United States are becoming rapidly familiar with Damas , has his music is being played and promoted on the all international reggae and dancehall stations , sites and blogs. Suncycle Productions Ltd and DaMusiq876 are truly music patriots and will not seize until conscious and positive Jamaican content is available world wide and are aim at making Damas the next ambassador to the line of great musicians coming out of Jamaica.

Love for Music
While attending Jamaica College, Damas had the privilege of guiding two blind students, Micheal ‘Askel' Fairman and Ryan Campbell, who both exposed Damas to the aspect of music production as they had the music facilities at the Salvation Army School for the Blind. During his musical pursuit his neighbour and caregiver Freddy Dread had in his possession the Emperor sound which had the endorsement of Bounti Killer and many other artistes, this was another source of exposure for Damas who met up with many other artistes and producers luring him deeper into his relationship with this music that is today his source of expression and his main source of life.
In 2007 as an employee at Digicel, he entered the in house competition, Digi Idol, where he became the winner and had written various songs for digicel commercials which got played all over the Caribbean.
Damas was now on his way to take control of his musical journey, he became friends with Jahnoi Nunez of Flo Factory Productions who showed him the ropes of the music industry, he had also been in the hands of promoter Joseph Barrett who wanted his expertise in event planning as Damas had experience in the area. The music aspirant was taken into the studio to record his first single as an artiste entitle ‘Jah Love', which got major airplay. This partnership did not last for long as Joseph Barrett who had acted as Damas's manager and chaperone had to migrate to the United States.
The enthusiast was not deterred by this has he had already met the likes of Sly and Robbie,Bulbie,Fattis Burrell and many other producers who were please with his work as an artiste. Shortly after Damas started his own internet promotion and was soon known all over Europe through networking. He then moved on to working with Eight Mile Record Label, releasing his track ‘Step Up', on the Bomb Rush rhythm, which featured the likes of QQ,Erupt and Tanto Marijuana.

Damas then did more research and created his own record label, DaMusiq876, with it's members Jahnoi Nunez and John-Micheal Levy where he release his single ‘The suffering'.

Updated:  February 27, 2011

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