Jan Hruby Resume

      I was born in 1991. I began to study guitar in my second year of high school and since then I spent every day playing for several hours
until early morning hours. I´m playing anything from blues and jazz over pop up to metal. I´m very persistent in what I´m doing and completely
commited to plyaing for people and entertaining them. I´m looking for somebody who wants to do this for life, not just as a hobby.
My playing technique is fairly good and I´m able to grasp on various music styles. My primary goal is to be lead guitar player, but I don´t
have trouble with rythm playing from rock riffs to jazz comping and latin music styles. I´ve got experience from studio recordings and
live playing, where my primary goal is to play for the people without stage fright and excessive focus on the instrument. People always do come first.

Updated:  July 19, 2010

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