Saro Tribastone Resume

      Saro Tribastone is a composer and performer of Mediterranean instrumental music who expresses his love for his homeland in Sicily though his composition and performances of acoustic music. A highly talented musician, he skilfully plays a number of different string instruments to create his unique sound.

To date Saro has two albums to his credit: the 4 track EP Fanusa (2006) and the full length instrumental world collection titled Viento De Siroco (2009). He has also composed many soundtracks for documentaries and television which have been shown on the BBC, Discovery Channel, MTV and The Oprah Winfrey Show amongst others.

Saro has collaborated with other groups and musicians from around the world including Coyote, 2 DJs from Nottingham, England, and his work can be heard on the album Coyote's EP 2. A number of tracks were also chosen from this alliance for the compilations Laissez Faire Lounge 2, Balearic Beach Session, Guitarra Chill Out Vol. 4. In addition he has also worked with Randy Vild, a composer from California, and performed solo on two tracks on his CD.

Saro also formed the Traditional Sicilian Folk band “Robasicula” in 2007, with violinist Francesca Guccione and they perform live across Europe.

Through his music Saro is able to share the rich and vibrant images of his homeland and the spirit of this beautiful land is evident in every track. After only a few minutes you'll be whisked away to the Mediterranean shore......

“ For me to combine melodies together is like writing on a daily journal all of my moods. I record it, and after listening to them I begin to work on the ones that have greatly inspired me. That is why I feel more like a composer than as a guitarist. ”
Saro Tribastone

“ This music is very absorbing and for this listener it hit home on a very relaxing and spiritually invigorating level. I felt drawn instantly to the sound Saro creates and found myself listening to it over and over. ”
Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

“ There's something about this music that just washes the troubles of the day away. Maybe it's because Flamenco music automatically sends the mind to thoughts of tropical climates and vacations. Whatever it may be, this music is a perfect mood enhancer. ”
Andrea Guy

Updated:  July 20, 2010

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