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Brass Quintet too loud, String Quartet not quite what you need....Music with reeds has the answer 
Clarinet Quartet can play pretty much anything that a string quartet can with the added versitility that only a Clarinet has. With a warmer richer sound and tone without being over powering and dominating (unless occassion requires).
Sax Quartet can jazz an occassion up while still making wedding classics sound great.
Woodwind Quintet can bring the touch of class to any event with its tradition line up and can even alternate Basson with a Euphonium for a rounder carrying sound.
Woodwind Quartet is with 2 Flutes and Clarinet and Bass Clarinet can give a smooth sounding quartet that can easily Jazz it up with the best of them.
Want more than one of these groups at the same time? Not a problem all our players are doublers or triple players so you can get the Clarinet and Sax Quartet and the Woodwind Quintet at the same time with the same players.
Not forgetting our very excellent Dixie group that is having hit gigs all over London check it all out.

Updated:  January 6, 2013

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