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I really like your music , very creative. You have a  great passion on the guitar  and you are extremely talented.”

* BRIAN CHRISTIE * journalist, anchor, host and executive producer  for THE BOOMER SHOW.


“I love  your music . I am also a guitar player and i can appreciate your personal vision on the instrument”

* ISAAC FLORENTINE * director , film maker : UNDISPUTED 2 and 3. NINJA, SPECIAL FORCES


“Love the tracks . very creative . especially  oxygene part 4. excellent concept”

* VICTORIA ROBERTSON * classical, opera singer, opera fusion,  soloist.


"I listened your music, it sounds with passion, very creative and professional as well, quite varied, is ready to explode"

*KENNY KERNER* Producer, Director, Music Bussiness Program M.I.


" You have the beat on you, great performer, great technique,   good songs as well."

* MARCO RENTERIA * Bass Player for Jaguares, Session Bass Player


" You have a very wide, unique material on your hands, different genres in one style, go for it."

* MARYA MEYER* Coordinator, Staff for The Latin Grammy Industry


" Your music has a very distintive sounds, good technique, good songs, you only need a manager to help you out "

* SCOTT HENDERSON * Fusion Guitar Player for: Chick Corea, Tribal Tech, Composer, Educator, Performer.

 " I enjoyed your music very much, youre very melodic and musical, see you out on the road "

* VAN ROMAINE. * Drummer for Steve Morse Band, Enrique Iglesias  Nena, T M Stevens, Dregs.


" I encourage you to keep up the good work and continue making great music in the way you play it. ".

* ROD MORGENSTEIN * Dummer for Dixie Dregs, Winger, T Lavitz, Educator, Performer.

" I saw to Rene some years back in his town,and i was impressed to listen his ability on the instrument and his way to put the notes with so much passion and fierce as well, keep going in that way bro, you got it. "

* PIRO PENDAS * Composer, Musician, Singer for Ritmo Peligroso, Los Humanos

"Great music great stuff"

* J.J. PERRY * stunt choreographer, stunt coordinator.

Updated:  September 13, 2010

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