Rene Tornero G Resume

       Was born in mexico city in 1970.he started playing guitar when he was 10 years old. At first ,his beginnings on guitar were quite varied,from mexican folk music ,balads,classical studies to rock,heavy metal, electronic music, new wave,rock and roll, etc ,etc .In fact heavy metal was his main style on guitar.
Rene has been involved on recordings,bands,projects,gigs,clinics,shows,with many bands and couple artists as well.
He's a graduate from the G.I.T.(guitar institute of technology) in Hollywood,C. During his stay there he was into a guitar competition sponsored by West L.A.Music in Hollywood, having obtained a semifinalist place on that .Plus he appears on the guitar magazine called GUITAR PLAYER on the section THE BEST OF THE MONTH 1994 latin america issue.
1999 his first solo album came out , it was "Escenas,Cambios e Ideas" on the opcion sonica label record. Playing and giving clinics in different venues and cities as well. By this year he works for Dana Rasch (chairman) from the Grove school. An excellent Jazz fusion guitar player,teacher,composer,etc like translator on his tour in mexico city and jalapa.Then, He enjoys "Rupia " a heavy rock latin band and they won the first place on a band contest.

Rene meets Mario Olivares in San Diego and he is invited to play in mario ' s band called "Latin Spice" on gigs,and one of the most memorial gig was at the Play Boy Mansion at Beverly Hills. Also he has played for the national TV Show titled" The Boomer Show" with Brian Christie in san diego, calif.

2006 hes into the nomination list at the H.A.T.awards in san diego calif . as a " best back up musician " with the duet :COMEDY OF LA NADA .

2008 his last production is released under the name "Entre Lo Acustico y Lo Electrico".On this productions he fusions different genres , now playing more the acoustic guitar than before , showing a different face as a composer, guitarist,and producer.

2009 He gives some guitar workshops and he teaches music as well , Plus he promotes and play his last recording.

2010 he works in the Mel Gibson last movie filmed in mexico as his standing .
He´s recording new material for his new production coming out.

2011 hes composer for one of the most popular latin american tv company " TELEVISA "
he makes recordings , some teaching , and playing with some top latin singers.

2012 hes recording his new material and playing with a fusion rock band in mexico city and its surroundings . " in the name of the father "

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Updated:  March 4, 2013

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