Joe Pisto Resume

      Joe Pisto, artist of unmistakable value and talent. He is a true virtuoso on the two instruments that he uses: the voice and the guitar. He has a natural ability to blend his chords with his cords and demonstrates unbelievable gifts of improvisation on both.
He has a unique personal style, an expressive and versatile voice for jazz, soul and experimental vocals.
Special Mention as BEST VOICE at the “INTERNATIONAL MASSIMO URBANI AWARD” competition in Camerino-Macerata (Italy).
FIRST PRIZE at the INTERNATIONAL JAZZ SOLOIST COMPETITION in MONACO (Fr) 2008. He was the opening act at Rachelle Ferrell's concert at the Venaria Festival,Turin - Italy 2009.
He has collaborated and played with several musicians in different kind of music: Eumir Deodato, Jeff Berlin, Paolo Fresu, Fabrizio Bosso, Stef Burns, Henghel Gualdi, Andrea Bocelli, Fausto Beccalossi, Hiram Bullock and many others.
He has played and sung in various festivals: “Umbria Jazz Festival”, “Porretta Soul Festival”, “Fez Jazz Festival”, INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL “Jazz Over Villach” (Austria) , “Gubbio No Borders Festival”, “Montecarlo Jazz Festival” and others.

Updated:  July 25, 2010

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