String Duet VILONA Resume

      Kompnaiya AIB Records, and the JSC "Freight One" represents the second album of violin duet "Vilona"!
What is the the album? This two-disc, one of which is called "LIFE" is the work style of the first album of violin duo, and the second is called the "CLUB" and is a relatively new trend - a club instrumental.
This club mixes style club house on the composition of the first and second violin duet album "Vilona". Album "CLUB" - this is our joint work with DJ "John Trivolta. Last track CD "CLUB" is a bonus track from John Trivolta and represents classic Punyani "Prelude and Allegro" Allegro part in the club processing style house.
The album Vilona Life only 29 tracks: 15 tracks from this CD "LIFE" and 14 tracks from the CD "CLUB".
We hope that even the most vehement opponents of the classics reconsider their views on it after listening to the album. We think that this album in every listener will find a review in the soul, as the whole work is a mixture of styles from rock to classical processing.
Paul Pchelnikov, PR-director of the general sponsor of "Freight One": "Project Life close to our company's spirit, style of thinking." Vilone "handles classical music, giving it a contemporary sound. We transform the classical transport, following the principle -" keep the tradition , continue the movement.

The original mix: Olga Dmitrieva * Arranged by: Andrew Kulyab and studio "Megaton", Magnitogorsk * Mixing and mastering: Spiridonov, Sergei and Studio "United Sound", Chelyabinsk * Blame the parties first and second violins, and musical themes of tracks: Olga Dmitrieva * Photo: Igor Pyatinin * Layout and cover design: Biktimirova Aida * Artists - the first and second violin: Olga Dmitrieva * Guitar: Andrew Kulyaba * DJ Mixx: John Trivolta, Magnitogorsk (CD "CLUB" from 1 to 14 track).

Updated:  August 6, 2010

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