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Born, Linda Marie Rodrigo, July 11, 1966, in New York City, Linda Marie Noyes, (pronounced “noise”), is an American Indie Pop-Rock-Soul musician, singer-songwriter, composer, author, arranger, producer, recording artist, and publisher. Her 2009 Debut Single “Take You to Paradise”, was co-written, arranged, produced and engineered by her sixteen year old daughter, Samantha Noyes. Additional genres include Jazz, Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Classical, Alternative, Standards, House Dance, Electronic, Funk, Fusion, AC, and Eclectic Film Scores. She is additionally branching out into narration, character voice-over, and acting.


           According to family, Linda began singing the “Theme from A Man and A Woman” at age two, becoming so enthralled of the song, she would chase others down for singing it. Later she fell in love with a waltz her older sister, (New York Artist, Nancy Rodrigo), would practice on the piano, leading her to study classical piano just to learn it. The following year, at eight years old, Linda composed, arranged, and performed her first original piano piece, (also a waltz), at a school musical recital. Three years later the sisters would perform regularly in New York City’s, Central Park, with Nancy on guitar/lead vocals and Linda singing harmony.

Although a move to Hollywood, Florida was a culture shock, she continued playing, composing, and singing. At nineteen she joined musical forces with Roy Smith, (former United Artists Recording Artist), forming Pop / R&B Duo, “Mirror, Mirror”. With gained local popularity, after performing live on local South Florida Cable Network Channel 33, the duo began performing in Augusta, Georgia a few months later. Their soulful musical style stirred the interest of Soul Legend, James Brown. Just prior to unforeseen obstacles, Mr. Brown had planned to sign them under his label with Scotti Bros. One year later, Linda was contracted to perform back up for major Recording Artists, John Anderson and Chuck Leavell, in Albany, Georgia for The Annual National Celebrity Quail Association.


           Ms. Noyes’s musical works have been awarded by Billboard Magazine, and aired for seven consecutive months in the launching of Home

Shopping Network Television Station, Channel 69, with Clear Channel Miami Radio Station, Y100’s (WHYI)/Television SimulcastWeekday Morning Show

with radio personalities, Sonny Fox and Footy. Linda has written, produced, performed, and recorded parodies for Clear Channel’s WHYI, aired to

advertise Footy’s Fourth Annual Wing Ding Fundraiser for a drug abuse treatment/prevention program charity. She has given free live musical

performances for mentally handicapped, elderly, and at numerous schools in South Florida.


     Musical influences include Todd Rundgren, Hall & Oats, Carole King ,Toto, Earth Wind & Fire, Tina Turner, Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Gladys Knight, Steely Dan, Gato Barbieri, Stevie Wonder, Carlos Santana, Teddy Pendergrass, Barry White, Elton John, creating a musical Pop fusion of Rock, Soul, Jazz, Dance, Island, and Alternative.

“Take You To Paradise, Debut Single” is available on: iTunes,, Barnes &, CD Baby, Cd,, etc., up for public ratings and requests on Clear Channel Hit Music Stations Websites around the U.S., and on Touch Tunes Digital Jukeboxes around the U.S. and overseas at U.S. Military Installations.

Updated:  August 2, 2012

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