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                                                                                                                                                Melodie Gliem-Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
                                                                                                                                                Bryan Ostrowka-Lead guitar,vocals
                                                                                                                                                Scott Tipple-Drums
                                                                                                                                                Josh Apperley-Bass

Hey everyone, welcome! We are GLIEM, a four piece melodic band with a blend of soulful rock elements.
I am completely passionate about all aspects of music. Music is like breathing, and a huge part of who I am.
This music would not be the same without my awesome bandmates that make the picture complete.
The music is written more in creation of images and intense emotions within the music. Feeling and the ability
to move and be moved within music is huge for me! I love to invoke intense feelings within a song. Inspiration
arrives quickly, so I always record everything that comes to me. Every idea is a song waiting to arrive. I don't
believe music has borders, limits or rules. Whatever your mind can conceive is where the possiblilities are found.
I find it amazing to bring a song into fruition from an idea that is sparked in your soul. It's something that's been
a very healing element in my life.
GLIEM have been busy working in the studio and we are currently finishing up a 6 song e.p. titled "Desire Finds You."
Why this name for the c.d.? It is a statement that no matter what path you take in life...your destiny will find you.
Music can be a statement for where you are at the present moment. This speaks true to me, because I'm currently
experiencing some of the most musically creative and innovative times in my life...

Some Highlights and Performances:

Received a Sask. Arts Board Grant for the
"When You Know Where You Are" c.d.
Society of Composers, Authors and
Music Publishers of Canada membership
Cathedral Village Arts Festival
Redbeards original music showcase
Flatlands Music Festival
New Music West Concert Series
Taste of Saskatchewan Festival
New Music Canada CBC Radio 3
CBC Radio Gallery
CTV News clip benefit concert
CJTR Radio concert "Women On The Verge"
The Eagle 94.1 radio-Swift Current
Bushwakkers Brew Pub
CJTR 91.3 Regina Community Radio
The Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange Society
Regina Dragon Boat Festival
E-Clips live music and interviews

Updated:  August 21, 2010

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