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      Hey everyone, welcome! My name is Melodie and I'm the lead singer of GLIEM. We are a four piece melodic band with a blend of soulful rock elements.
GLIEM have been busy working in the studio and we are currently finishing up a 6 song e.p. titled "Desire Finds You."
I'm a prolific songwriter writing in varied styles of music. Vocals are my main focus, but I also play different instruments including guitar, piano and congas.

Melodie Gliem: Lead vocalist, rhythm guitar player for GLIEM

Academy of Musical Education
One Year Vocal Certificate
Regina, Saskatchewan

Lead vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar, piano, keyboard, congas.
Ability to play various instruments by ear.

Composing and writing original material prolifically
can materialize suggested ideas into songs

Hands on experience in recording studio.
Recording vocals, guitar, rhythm instruments, mixing, writing,
arranging and producing.

Society of Music Publishers, Composers and Authors of Canada

Musical Styles:
Rock, roots, jazz, acoustic, adult contemporary, pop, soul, instrumental,

Bryan Ostrowka: Lead guitarist, vocals for GLIEM

Lead guitar, acoustic, electric, rhythm, slide, vocals, bass

Knowledge and experience reading, writing and arranging music.

Performed in various bands before forming GLIEM including,
Dead Zone, Crucified By Gravity: Video single (Cast Iron Caress)
received moderate airplay on Much Music Canadian television

Personal study and implementation of all recording
aspects including:
Mixing and mastering techniques
Knowledge/hands on experience using recording software
Studio techniques, including engineering /production

Musical Styles:: rock, roots, jazz, acoustic, adult contemporary, pop, soul, instumental,

Updated:  August 20, 2010

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