Paul The-drummer Nanuwa Resume

      Paul ‘The Drummer’ Nanuwa is ranked amongst one of Canada’s Top South-Asian drummers whose musical journey started at a tender age of 6. Being born and raised in England, Paul’s journey finally led him with his family to where he now calls home in Toronto, Canada.

Paul has been learning and performing drums/percussion for the past 24 years. Throughout his days in and out of school, Paul always participated in the orchestra, jazz bands, concert bands, stage bands and even his own bands. Music was just simply something which he naturally gravitated to. Being born into a Sikh, Punjabi household and growing up in the Western world, Paul was exposed to various styles of music. From Reggae to Rock to R&B/Soul to Hip-Hop and even Jazz/Blues, Paul is very diverse in many genres of music including Desi music. At present, Paul drums for numerous established artists in and out of Toronto and even drums for international artists such as MTV Award Winners JoSH and International Superstars RDB.

It’s his unique, innovative, creative and dynamic technique which sets him above the rest. He utilizes his drums as a melodic instrument taking advantage of all the different sounds and tones surrounding him.

Paul has toured extensively across Canada, America and Europe where he has hit many stages and festivals. He has also recorded in studios in Tallinn, Estonia; London, England as well as numerous studios across North America and has worked with many producers such as, Jessica Corcoran (Boy George, Ned's Atomic Dustbin).

Updated:  August 4, 2010

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