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I am a music producer, songwriter, and mix engineer with a passion to create global music. In the beginning I started singing background harmonies with friends in my local neighborhood at 15 years old, by the time I was 20 years old I was playing guitar and singing with a reggae band in Brooklyn, NY.

Throughout my years of working with different groups singing and playing guitar I put on shows in California with vocalist “Phillis Roundtree” to support Disabled Veterans and at local clubs in the Los Angeles area where I met and collaborated with a vocalist name “Rikki Ribbers”.


As a result of my focus and drive I graduated from Full Sail University’s Bachelors Degree Program in Music Production, while attending Full Sail I produced music for several artists and cable TV Shows. My music is a mix of Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Funk and Soul sometimes combining them with a touch of Latin for flavor. Some of the artists I have worked with are “TaNeal”, “Nicole Rue”, and Bass player “Halllman Bates”.


In my effort to pursue my desire to produce music to encourage the world, I founded Tribal Affair Music Group where I produce tracks and work with local artists in the New York area. I am dedicated to using my knowledge & expertise to improve an endangered music industry, by working with young artists and instilling in them the importance of being skilled at their craft but also capable of giving and caring about the world we live in.

Updated:  January 16, 2013

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