AdagioBros Resume

      Let me introduce ourselves, we are Adagio, David and Attila from Hungary.

My name is David and I play on the violin, and my best friend Attila is an unbelivable talented pianist.

Our love of music began when we were just kids, I was just nine and Attila was ten years old.

We studied in the best music universities in Hungary and in Austria as well.

We formed the duo three years ago from our love of classical music.

Through out our careers we have played in many concerts and shows across Europe before forming the band. And since have played on different cruise liners whilst travelling the world
which allows us to entertain people of a high standard of the music we love and that the guests of every age group will enjoy.

Since forming Adagio, we have played on cruise liners in daily shows. And also many guest entertainer shows in the main show room by popular demand.

Our aim is to give the audience an unforgettable music experience by providing a dynamic and energetic show in an elegant setting.
We play almost every kind of music in our repertoire, from the old
evergreen hits to jazz, classical and even Latin music.

We want to provide a unique show to guests who will totally enjoy the music experience and also appreciate our unique arrangements.

We do our best to make authentic live music spiced up with our individual style and creativity
Our band will surely give you a dynamic and energetic but elegant musical experience.

Updated:  July 23, 2013

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