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Advertising jingle and song composer/lyricist with experience on over 200 well known consumer products. Unique background because I am also a copywriter with a heavy marketing background.  My jingle philosophy is to never compose jingle music that mimics what's "in." That way it stands out. JIngle for Cheerios published as one on "Madison Avenue's Best Songs"

Brands for which I  have composed original music and lyrics include Jose Cuervo, Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Hamm's Beer, Olympia Beer, Care*free Gum, Beechnut Gum, Lifesavers, Eucerin skin creme, 7up, Trix, Oxydol, Mystery Color Markers, Penny Racers, Penny Sped Freeks, Penny planes, Penny Doll, Kronoform robot watches and Takara Toy's Diachron (The original introduction of the toys now known as Transformers), Watchimals, Westport County Playhouse,  Donutz cereal.

Other related work includes full length songs for sales meetings, training, and teaching.

Songs for Silver Burdett and Ginn Publishing, Donuts Cereal, Children's Development Workshop "Fire Safety For Kids" Music video- Best Educational Video 1995,

Sales films for Oxydol, Holyle, Ocean Spray, and others.

How I work: 1-3 demos.  $500.
$2O00 per jingle plus studio and talent.

Minimum $2500 per jingle (In other words cannot use demo for $500)

Updated:  March 10, 2011

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