Alex Resume

      Born in 1974, italian, singer and guitarist, solo entertainer.
In 1998,after few years spent touring around my country with many famous
artists, i released a record with original tracks, distributed by Polygram.
The single taken from the LP, “Piccola Energia”, has been played by many
radio networks in heavy rotation schedule, and it has been one of the finalists
in the selection, that took place in Rome, for The Sanremo music festival. A
couple of years later I was performing with my own band in the worldwide
known “Arena” of Verona, with the likes of Pino Daniele, Elisa, Ligabue and
many others. Since 2003 I have been around the world, mostly in asian
countries, in 5 star hotels and resorts, then I joined Costa Crociere cruise
lines. I performed as a lounge entertainer on the cruise ships for many years. I
have almost 25 years experience in the music industry. I had the chance to be
chief musician (musical coordinator) for two years, learning how to handle
entertainment schedules and daily activities. From 2016 i performed as
pianobar in Nosy Be (Madagascar), for brands like Francorosso and Veraclub.
My colleagues in the music business say that I have a nice and smooth
technique, a crossover between jazz, fusion, with bluesy echos. My repertoireis vast and engaging, spacing from pop to classic rock, italian and spanish
songs, top 40's and evergreens. My primary goal is to make the guests
comfortable and at ease, while they are drinking a nice glass of wine or
chatting, or perhaps dancing in the ballroom.
Besides my mother language (italian), i am fluent In english and i speak
spanish (fair), french (fair).
I have the STCW safety training courses (released in 2013) along with the
security awarness certificate, panama book, passport with C1/D VISA + B1/B2
(validity 10 years). Recent medical examinations as well.

Updated:  January 30, 2018

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