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List of works: Ali Jahangard

(Opus. 1~ 30)

Romance for Piano

in A minor - Op.1 (Piano)

Rondo (For Angel)

in G minor - Op.2 (Piano)

Nocturne No.1

in A minor - Op.3 (Piano)

Nocturne No.2

in F-sharp minor - Op.4 (Piano)

Nocturne No.3

in G minor - Op.5 (Piano)

Violin & Piano Capriccio

in A minor - Op.6 (Violin, Piano)

Nocturne No.4

in F minor - Op.7 (Piano)

Nocturne No.5

in A minor - Op.8 (Piano)

Nocturne No.6

in B minor - Op.9 (Piano)

Piano Capriccio

in A minor - Op.10 (Piano)

Nocturne No.7

in B-flat minor - Op.11 (Piano)

Nocturne No.8

in C-sharp minor - Op.12 (Piano)

Piano Sonata No.1

in E minor - Op.13 (in 3 movement) (Piano)

Symphony No.1

in A minor - Op.14 (in 4 movement) (Full Orchestra)

Nocturne No.9

in G minor - Op.15 (Piano)

Romance for Violin & Piano

in A minor - Op.16 (Violin, Piano)

Piano Sonata No.2

in A minor - Op.17 (in 3 movement) (Piano)

Adagio for Cello

in A minor - Op.18 (Cello)


in A minor - Op.19 (Sonata form) (Piano)

Serenade No.1

in A minor - Op.20 (Flute, Guitar)

Nocturne No.10

in G minor - Op21 (Piano)

Serenade No.2

in D minor - Op.22 (Oboe, Guitar)


in G minor - Op.23 (Cello, Piano)


in A minor - Op.24 (Piano)

Serenade No.3

in A minor - Op.25 (Cello, Harp)


in A minor - Op.26 (in 1 movement) (Symphony Orchestra)


in A minor - Op.27 (Piano)


in G minor - Op.28 (Cello, Piano)

Prelude No.1

in F-sharp minor - Op.29 (Piano)

Sad Cello

in A minor - Op.30 (Cell, Piano)

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