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“The Enigmatic Hungarian Female Voice, Possible Successor of Márta Sebestyén” – Diálogos3 Blog

“If you want to hear a pure voice in it's highest state and just enjoy the ride, the lyricism in Gerak's presentation will be enough to carry the day. ” – Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“An awesome, nearly unbelievable voice … ‘Very filmic' … Reminds me of Lisa Gerrard's vocal work for the film ‘Gladiator'” – BeSonic

“This artist equals in skills and talent with one of today's most requested voices known from the movie The Gladiator and the band Dead Can Dance…” – Mortesium

Andrea Gerak has performed all over Europe and is available worldwide, for the most various concerts, festivals, private, corporate and community occasions: concert clubs, theaters, exhibitions, folk/world/jazz festivals, gastronomy or other cultural festivals, birthdays, weddings, name giving ceremonies, funerals, house concerts, local festivities, official celebrations, church events, company parties, conferences etc.

Available solo as well as with musicians:

— Fililibi
— Traditional Hungarian folk band, it sounds like this: Authentic Hungarian Village Music, Andrea Gerak & Barozda
— Gypsy band: for exclusive occasions a show with some of the very best Gypsy musicians of Hungary is also possible
- Also open for performing with pianists, jazz musicians

Andrea Gerak's performance as a singer/dancer and her singing will also suit well in television programs, documentaries, videos, short and feature films – especially where an ethnic touch is desired.

Besides Hungarian and other folk songs (in traditional ways or with modern arrangements), classic pop-rock hits, jazz standards and musical songs are also part of her repertoire. With her unmistakable and versatile voice, beyond world/folk music, she has even performed with contemporary classical composers, modern singer/songwriters or some of Sweden's finest blues musicians.


2015: A short music video Ej Lasko, Lasko by Bob Yothers premiered in the Official Selection of Columbus Arts Festival;
: B€st före (Best Before, feature movie, by Mats Ahren), acting;
2012: Magyarnak lenni az EgyesŒlt llamokban – part 2. (Being Hungarian in the United States, documentary by J. Hasulyo), singing;
2011: Sibiu (RO), Hungaricum Days, with Hungarian violin virtuoso Zoltan Lantos;
Balatonlelle (HU), Global Summit of Hungarians;
Veroce (HU) Global Summit of Transylvanians VIDEO;
Borsod Arts Festival (HU);
Stampen, Stockholm (SE), BURNS & Friends ‘Stockholm Sky' CD Release concert VIDEO;
2010: Ibrany, featured performer of the National Holiday celebrations (5000 attendees);
Brugges Festival (BE), singer of the international project Brugge-Bucharest Express;
2009: Borsod Arts Festival (HU);
Malmö (SE), Road To Copenhagen Conference VIDEO;
2008: Italian Cultural Centre, Stockholm (SE), Womens' Day Gala, organized by 3 embassies;
Budapest Fringe Festival (HU) VIDEO;
Palace of the Arts, Budapest (HU), 50th Anniversary of Bartok Folk Dance Ensemble;
Human Rights Gala Stockholm (SE) VIDEO;
2007: Budapest Jazz Club, Budapest (HU), Celebration of Hungarian Jazz, with Transylvanian band Fabatka VIDEO;
Budapest (HU), corporate event at the Parliament;
2006: Eskilstuna (SE), Sweden's National Holiday;
Norrt€lje (SE), World Music Festival;
Brugges Festival, featured performer with traditional Hungarian folk band Barozda (BE);
2004: Hungary in Pictures (documentary, by Marton Toth) feature song;
2003: Millenaris, Budapest (HU), Symmetry Festival, with Sandor Fekete-Kiss award winning Hungarian composer, pianist;
Power Games (short film, by Agnes Krepsz), singing;
1989: Music Box (feature movie, by Costa-Gavras), dancing;
1980-92: Festivals, tours in Europe and Turkey, with 4 Hungarian folk dance groups, including the legendary Bartok Folk Dance Ensemble.


Fililibi Project Live (2015)
Dust & Cloud: Remixes (2014), by Sleepthief
Mother Tongue (2011), by Effi Shoshani
This Way, Sweetheart! (2009)
Authentic Hungarian Village Music (2006), with Barozda
Arva az a madar – Lonely Is The Bird (2004)
Madarka, Madarka (2003)

What the listeners say:

“”I have never heard anything so beautiful in my life… Simply, I must listen to her singing…” – Eva

“Your singing is the most beautiful I have ever heard in my whole life! Really unique! Thank you! Greetings from Poland”

“‘Enigmatic' is a very good word to describe your voice. It is truly unique. I am a big fan of Lisa Gerrard and consider your talent at that high level.” – Emanuel

“ It's incredibly beautiful music and very, very soothing. You are extremely talented singer and I can see such beauty in your music, other things as well like peace, serenity, confidence and culture, alas I wish more music was like yours.” – Mr. H.

“After all has been said, your voice is a gift, your energy is admirable, your personality is outgoing, you sing straight from your heart, your culture is obvious, and listening to you can bring out our captivation of your talents” – Charles

Updated:  January 25, 2016

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