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Anonamas is - words, lyrics, and song, with a simplistic vibe, a hip hop beat, and a strong message. Anonamas a.k.a. Angela Ballard is taking hip hop/R&B down an unmarked trail, on the cusp of the Soul era. This native of the Eastern Shore of Maryland has always had a passion for music and a gift for words. Many have compared her style to that of Jill Scott, the groove of Lauryn Hill, and the mysticism of Les Nubians, -yet its an original sound. Having this, with the collaborations of melody (she can carry a tune!!) will leave a lasting impression on any listener who loves hip-hop/soul and well thought out lyrics.. Anonamas's 1st released CD- TRUTH THRU FICTION (2006) depicts life and stories, through the eyes of a young black woman encountering life and its day to day endeavors, with songs ranging from love to the inner most thoughts of the world through her eyes. Check out the video "This Moment" from the Album "Truth thru Fiction:


The beautiful thing about music is; it's ever evolving and changing... Anonamas embraces the growth and development in her own lyrical skills. She strives to become a better singer/songwriter; while at the same time, she continues to touch the listeners who experience her work thus far. "Music should develop as life develops, any and everything in life can be a song" - Anonamas says. Her desire is for her music to always inspire and stimulate thoughts to the listener while enjoying what the melody provides. Her 2nd project consist of a collaboration produced by Hip Hop MC Eightsense. The collaboration made up the duo 8orMas (Eightsense or Anonamas) with the album titled "Warm Tones". This colorful and unique album was performed and presented in several Hip Hop venues in Osaka Japan. You can check out their video for the album single called "Lykings":

Anonamas is stepping out on her own with a continued drive create lively and fluid sounds. She strives to work and tap into unchartered sounds. In addition to the 8orMas project, her up and coming album called “Non-Verbal” produced by Reverb Musick - introduces new elements of sound, while still providing familiarity. With edgy and grooving rhythms Anonamas continues to speak on various elements of life thru music -

Check out the song "Soul Flo"!!

To add to the element of sound Anonamas makes up 1 of the 5 members of the live Hip Hop/Soul band "The Bangladesh Project". This intense and thriving sound of movement thru vibrations gives this band a unique vibe. Their up & coming project is set to be released in 2011. You can check out some footage of their live shows:

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Updated:  November 19, 2010

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