Bones Jones

I Don't Know What You Heard Bou't Me ?

Alan L.Perry/aka/
Bones Jones -Internationally known for Drums,Percussions,also plays Bass, Keyboards, Guitar,Trumpet ,Vocals,and many more.(Born July 20,1951)
Bones Jones hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. A professional Musician,Artist,Composer, Arranger and Producer.Bones' career spans over 40years since age12. He has worked with some very strong local acts on the 60's scene. His major break through came in 1969, at age 17, while working at King Records/JamesBrown Productions as a shipping clerk, and studio musician. His high school band became The Dapps and worked under James Brown Productions backing up Bobby Byrd, The Famous Flames and Lynn Collins.A few years later they migrated to Dallas, Texas where they became the House Band at The Central Forest Theater,and worked with Z.Z. Hill, Jackie Wilson,Archie Bell and The Drells, and opening for The O'Jays,Betty Wright,The Fabulous Coasters, while touring the South West and Western U.S… After the band broke up, BonesJones went to work with Dallas' most prominent talent: AI TNT Braggs, JohnnieTaylor, The Masqueraders, and The Festivals. In the early 70's, as an innovator of the Dallas music scene, he helped organize the group Black Funk to work with top acts: Stevie Wonder, The Funkadelics, Mel & Tim, The Whispers, King Floyd, Denise Lasalle, and Freddie King.Another act he helped organize was Conspiracy,The Band behind Johnnie Taylor by far the first Funk-Fusion Show Band of the early 70's. They toured with Z.Z. Hill, and after recording an album for Leon Russell's Shelter Records, their tracks found their way to the first Gap Band Album.In 1974 after forming the number one band in the state of Texas, The LastBand, their brief encounter took them to Leon Russell and the Gap Band,then to L.A. where they were picked up by Joe Crocker. They also influenced Larry Graham's Grand Central Station and went on to be produced by Bill Tillman of Blood Sweat & Tears in 1975
.In late 1976, Bones moved to the mean streets of Manhattan, NYC, to learn jazz from the masters. After working and recording with “Hannibal” Marvin Peterson at CBS Records Produced by Teo Marcero, Pharaoh Sanders, and Michael Urbaniack, Bones went on to tour the U.S. and Europe with The Undisputed Truth, Michael Henderson, Kool and The Gang, Brass Construction, and Crown Heights Affair in 1977-78. In 1979 Bones began Producing and Arranging for CBS RECORDS Canada. His first success was the LP “Midnight Music” by Martin Stevens,which went on to top the charts in Quebec , and Europe. He worked with Canada's Number One Soul Artist “Disco Diva”-Geraldine Hunt; Co-Producing her LP “No Way” with the Number One Billboard and International Hit “Can't Fake The Feeling”in 1980. Disappointed in not receiving credit for his input on this project,he started concentrating on his own productions. In 1981 Bones began to work in Chicago; However, he rejoined his Texas friends in L.A, now recording under the names of Goodie, Yarborough & Peoples and The Gap Band. UnderTotal Experience Productions, they had the most successful tour of ‘82,were Nominated for an American Music Award, and a Grammy, both Records Sales of over 6 million copies.In 1983, back to Montreal, he started the Bones Jones Duo and by 1986 was signed as an Artist/ Producer with RCA/TGO RECORDS Canada. He became the first Black Artist to form his own Record Label in Montreal,Quebec , BR RECORDS, with Canadian Music Award Nominations for his first and second singles,”Open Up Your Heart” and “Circle Of Fools”,in 1988 along with his first EP “JO JO Morocco”as The Best R&B Artist and Instrumental Jazz/Dance Music Songwriter and Artist.In 1988 Bones Jones began producing other Canadian Artists for his label; the first was, Bora Bora with two hit singles: “Last Time” and “Jealousy” which was picked up in Europe in 1990. Also in 1987 ,Bones Jones began Producing for Television CFCF12/4 Seasons INC. in Montreal. His first show was Major League Baseball's Montreal Expos show, “Expos Summer”, PulseNews/ Sports,Weather, doing Theme and Background Music, and in French “Sports Plus”from 1988 until 1994.In 1989 he recorded an album for CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) “Coast to Coast” which features Canadian Artists from across the Country. He also started the BR Music Network for His T.V. work. In 1990 he Produced music for Children's T.V. called “YNN” (Youth News Network)which is presently being Broadcast in Classrooms across Canada and is Sponsored by the Canadian Government. He did a cameo appearance in the movie Eddie and the Cruiser II, “Eddie Lives”, Produced by Scottie Brothers and CBS.Presently in Block Buster and other Video Stores as well as Cable TV.In 1991 he won the CAN PRO Award for best Family Variety Show in Canada for Expo Summer 90”.He Produced Commercials for Nexus Productions with such clients as Honda, Acura, Decasonic,DuPont, Ice Capades / Nestles.

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