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BandShe is a high energy instrumental and vocal dynamo who knock out musical hits from the 60's to the newest hits of today. This band began in 2004 with a simple premise, all female members, superior skills at their craft and incredible vocals. Another unique quality of BandShe is something they have become known for, creative and unique mashup's of songs that have striking resemblance to each other, that surprise every audience. The ladies of BandShe have performed at numerous casinos throughout Arizona, California, Michigan, Nevada and Washington and have wowed audiences at private and corporate events since their inception. BandShe loves to serve their country by performing for the troops in USA, Europe and the Middle East on many occasions. BandShe prided itself on the stellar vocals of it's members and keeping our highest standard through any lineup change. Most members of BandShe play multiple instruments and you never know when they may switch instruments within the show. BandShe is incredibly versatile musically, visually, stylistically, instrumentally and vocally. BandShe can entertain and amaze the most finicky of audiences.

If you are interested in booking or have questions regarding the band's availability, song selection, or anything pertaining to BandShe, please contact BandShe management at telephone numbers or e-mail addresses noted below.

BandShe Mangement Shelby Lane & Catania Batzani -

Updated:  September 27, 2011

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