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Artistic Manifesto

In the world of bagpiping those that carry an inner drive to capture the core voice of all pipes can reach their ideal only by going deeper, and farther back in time, than splintered regional and ethnic piping styles; in order to keep the instrument relevant in today’s rich, heady milleux of music without borders of space and time.  Classical ‘Western “ training, with its emphasis on independent linear polyphony and hierarchical structural levels, provided one critical lifeline in Charlie’s quest to find this pure and permanent bagpipe voice: the “ur-tön” , shared by all members of the bagpipe family.  Speaking in strict Scots, “pan-Celtic”,  Mediterannean, Gallic, Balkan or with a heavy Philly accent, Charlie will seek a way, beyond the dialect, for  this  primal ‘bagpipe-voice’  to  resonate, recombine, and display its complex diapasonal spectrum- long after it’s primordial echoes have exited your ears.

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Updated:  September 29, 2012

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