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Charles F. "Freddie" Frazier, Percussionist (Acoustic/Electronic)
Charles "Freddie" Frazier has performed as a band member and freelance musician for more than 20 years. He has played professionally with artists of varying musical backgrounds and genres within the Maryland, DC, and Virginia area. Freddie possesses musical experience in Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Rock, Latin and Country music.  As a young musician, Freddie was greatly influenced by such artists as Harvey Mason, Paulindo De Costa, and Ralph MacDonald. The music produced by these musicians deepened his love for percussion. As a professional, Freddie has accompanied "Seal of Approval Band," DC's legendary "Eddie Jones and the Young Bucks," "KUKU," "Aleksis Bulmanis," "Denise Johnson", "New Image," "ReJoice," and "The Legendary Dynamic Superiors and William DeVaughn".
A teacher by profession, Freddie also enjoys sharing his talents with other budding artist, and introducing his instruments to youngsters.

Updated:  January 10, 2010

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