ChuckReeed Resume

      Enrolled at Music Works "guitar-lessons" for 2 yrs.

Enrolled at Carrol's Music "guitar-lessons" for 5 yrs.

Played with local Maine band, "The Calypso Soldiers" as lead guitarist for 10+ yrs.
Music styles include Jam-based rock and funk. band played local bars and clubs in the state for many years. Also traveled and played gigs around tri-state area.
Projects also included recording 2 full length albums and many single tracks for the band. Left in August of 2010 to pursue personal interests.

Currently involved in playing bass for local band "Full-Drive".
Music styles include but not limited to classic rock, country, rock-a-billy and hard-rock. Band is involved in playing local clubs and bars, and has recorded a 5 song demo.

Also involved in personal project, "The HK-50".
Music styles include trippy-electronic sounds. Done with mostly guitar and the use of several audio editting programs. Project has mostly an on-line presence and does not currently play live.

Updated:  March 5, 2011

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