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      Throughout the artistic world, Cristiano Porqueddu is highly praised and recognised as one of the major interpreters of the 20th and 21st century guitar music in the contemporary scene.

Critics have labeled him as “a reference point for the new generations of musicians”. Porqueddu began his studies by following his father's teachings. After having obtained high marks in a specialisation course with Angelo Gilardino at the International Academy of Superior Music “Perosi”, he is now involved in an international artistic activity that encompasses concerts, discography and music composition.

As his career progressed, he has received awards in international guitar competitions and in addition to that, he has been given many excellent reviews from experts and from several magazines.
Currently, he regularly performs as a soloist. He also holds courses and conferences in Europe and in the United States, displaying innovative programs that often include world premieres.

His recording catalog is comprised of 19 releases: 16 albums (over 50 CDs) released by major label Brilliant Classics, which also has a worldwide distribution agreement with Porqueddu.
In his honour, many solo guitar and orchestra compositions have been dedicated to him. These musical compositions have been written by a vast amount of famous composers, such as: Angelo Gilardino, Mark Delpriora, Franco Cavallone, etc.

Since 2014, he has the key role of editor at “Edizioni Bèrben” in Ancona, Italy. As well as an editor, he is also the author of revisions of unpublished original music of which he is often the dedicatee.
Around the globe, he is successful at winning many music composition competitions set in Europe, The United States and Asia. His music is published by prestigious editors, and is played by international high calibre interpreters.

He lives in Nuoro (Sardinia), where he also teaches. Since 1998, he is the artistic director of important events dedicated to classical music.

Updated:  November 12, 2017

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