The guys in the band are:

Mike Arab: Vocals, Guitars, Rhythms, and Solos.
Faris Faris: Drums and Lyrics.
Nohad Mataame: Bass
Nader Arab: Keyboards.

D.T.A=Doors To Aspiration based in El-Mina, Tripoli, Lebanon is a band created with an un-apologetic approach to non-conformity in today's music scene.

D.T.A was founded in 2000. 11 years of great friendship.

D.T.A merges Rock and soft Modern Rock styles to create a sound that is uniquely their own: Raw, Energetic and Edgy. D.T.A is an independent Modern Rock band whose songs express love, sadness, energy and hope. Their song lyrics deal with the subjects of social Issues, such as Love, Faithfulness, Patriotism and Joyfulness.

D.T.A's live shows are a breath of fresh air. Their songs are complete with interesting harmonies, unpredictable chord structures, and overall coolness... D.T.A intends to bring back the rebellious energy and spirit of Rock Bands like the Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, ZZ Top, AC/DC just to name a few - bands that left a lasting impression on music fans from different generations. D.T.A's music is timeless, with catchy hooks, a powerful rhythm and a melodic sensibility.

D.T.A's being continuously heard in 45 states in America and 202 Cities so far. The guys in the band said, they would not rest until they are heard in all 50 states. (Radio Stations & Internet).

As far as the world, D.T.A's being heard in over 85 countries. (Radio Stations & Internet).

They leave people impatiently waiting for the next gig. Mingling with the crowd after every live performance has made every show a fan's favorite. Almost every song through the set is a song that makes you wanna sing along with the band. The North of Lebanon based band exists just for the love of music. You know, making music is a big responsibility, but it's a wonderful thing and very rewarding.

Faris, Mike, Nouhad & Nader
The Rock Band D.T.A=Doors To Aspiration.
The New Revolution. Speak Your Mind and Stand Up For Your Rights

Updated:  May 27, 2011

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