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              Darius Anton A. Wiley(Davis) is another up and coming legendary professional drummer in the making. Darius was born March 9, 1984, on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. He’s the son of Mia Antoinette Wiley (mother), and Richard Wayne Davis (father). Like most professional drummers Darius Wiley started playing drums at a very young age in churches. Growing up on the south side of Chicago, music has always been a big part of Darius's life. It all started when Darius was in diapers beating on pots and pans with a pare of chopsticks, knifes, forks, anything that looks like a pair of drumsticks. In 1987, at the age of three, Darius got his first drum set for his birthday. Music is in Darius's blood and it runs in his whole family. Back in the old days, Darius's grandfather Essie Henry Wiley a.k.a. "Wiley Coyote" was one of the greatest bass guitar players to ever come out of Crystal Springs, Mississippi. In 1958, Darius's grandfather Essie left Mississippi, and united with his family at “Ward Chapel A.M.E. Church” in Memphis, Tennessee. During this time, he was singing and playing the bass guitar with a legendary gospel group called "The Trumpets of Zion" with his brothers and nephews. When Darius's grandfather Essie retired from music, he passed the torch on down to his children, and they passed it on down to their children. In the year 1989, Darius's uncle Antonio "Big Tony" Wiley Sr., was a drummer for a church called "True Holyness" in Chicago Height, Illinois. One Sunday after church, Big Tony called his five year old nephew Darius Wiley up to the drums, and let him play for an hour and a half. From that day on, Darius started playing drums for churches all over the metro Chicago area. In 1991, at the age of  Seven, Darius started playing drums, and singing for the children’s choir, and also played drums the praise & worship singers at a church called "Pentencostal Church Of Christ" formally known as "Church Of Christ For All Nations" in Ford Heights, Illinois. When Big Tony stopped playing drums, he passed the torch on down to his nephew Darius, and encourage him to keep going. In 1993, Darius played drums for his families local gospel group called "The Wiley Spiritual Aires". In the same year, from time to time Darius plays drums for his grandmother's church, Pastor Bertha Davis-Miller of "Jesus Saves Apostolic Church" in Chicago Heights, Illinois. In 1997, Darius moved to Atlanta Georgia with his family, and after moving back and forward from Chicago to Atlanta, Darius moved back to Atlanta in September of 2001 for good. In December of 2001, at the age of seventeen, Darius played drums for a church on the north side of Atlanta, Georgia called “Kingdom Builders Christian Community Center” under his music mentor Karl "Mhystro" Antoine, who was the minister of music. Karl Antoine also played the keyboards for the R&B group “TLC”, and a smooth jazz band with his cousin, Saxophonist Ron James called “Mahogany Suite”. In 2004, the year Darius Wiley turned twenty, Karl Antoine invited Darius out to an open mic and jam session showcase, at a venue called “Apache Café” in midtown, Atlanta so he can show off his skills in front of local, and big-time artists, and musicians. One night at the Apache, while Darius was playing the drums, he broke a pair of drumsticks with ease, and was known from that day forward as "De-Train". In 2005, at the age of twenty-one, De-Train began playing gigs, concerts, and tours for local, and big-time artists. In 2006 for six month he filled in as the drummer for a church called "Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church". A year later, in 2007, twenty-three year old De-Train began playing for a church called “Divinity Church” formally known as WFCI “World Fellowship Church International” where he currently plays. On October 9, 2010, twenty-six year old De-Train had the privilege to play for Backstreet Boys's lead singer Brian Littrell. A month later, on November 27, De-Train married his queen Sonya S. Walker. A month after the wedding with the help of is wife, Mrs. Sonya S. Wiley, De-Train enrolled at "Atlanta Institute of Music”(AIM) to pursue his career in music. On January 7, 2012, twenty-seven year old ”De-Train” Darius Wiley graduated from Atlanta Institute of Music with honors, and now he’s preparing himself for bigger and better things to come.

Updated:  February 11, 2012

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