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Bill Guandolo, Dolo’s lead singer and guitarist, believes in acoustic music.  “That’s where the words and the singer meet.”  For Guandolo, music is not just about a beat or a groove, but “the connection between the words and the melody and the singer and the audience.  Like Jim Morrison said in the doors movie, ‘Words and music, man, words and music…”

Not surprisingly, that’s precisely where Dolo’s roots lie.  Guandolo, writing on his acoustic guitar, developed songs that explore emotions and experiences, songs that attracted the interest of his band-mates Jack Cornell, Neal Chapman, Doug Wilson, and Fran Dyer.  “It started with the songs,” Guandolo asserts, “then the energy just happened with the band and the sound exploded.”

One Listen to the band’s first single, the appropriately titled “A Passion,” proves that this band has a groove and energy.  With simple lyrics that cut straight to the heart, a gripping interplay of electric guitar, gutsy vocals and a solid, driving rhythm section, “A Passion” is a modern American rock song from beginning to end.  It’s also an example of lyricist Guandolo’s talents as a storyteller, yet another way in which Dolo follows the tradition of American music.

The band’s sound, a combined intensity and polish, intricacy and directness, is the product of the Guandolo's, or Dolo as he is known, background in blues, rock and hip hop beats.  Frontman Guandolo and keyboard/sax player/vocalist Doug Wilson have a long history as both friends and writing partners and have played in several North Carolina bands together and they have a special way of connecting melodies together. 

Producer John Custer, (Corrosion of Conformity, Cry of Love, DAG), captured the band’s spirit and energy in recording the debut album at Big Music, Raleigh’s newest digital studio.  Infectious melodies fill the bands first disc with songs like “A Passion,” “The Ride,” and “Deep Under” which captivatingly tell the stories of life and love.  With the release of their first single, Dolo has begun to fulfill their self-stated goal, “to say what’s in our hearts and in our heads, to let it blossom and make great music so people want to wait for that last line in the last chorus.”

Dolo has cut several singles over the last year and is in the process of writing for the next CD release. 

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Updated:  July 25, 2010

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