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  • ‘…..has innate abilities as a conductor, great experience as a player and real organisational skills. I have known him for many years and I have followed his career with the greatest interest – there is little doubt in my mind that he will achieve a most successful career. He is a hard and thorough worker, and has a straightforward personality that endears him to orchestras. Highly recommended.’ 

             The late Lawrence Leonard, Internationally renowned Conductor


  • ‘…..is determined and on the right road. With his experience one thing will surely lead to another.’ 

Claudio Abbado, Internationally renowned Conductor


  • ‘…..and I have performed recitals across the UK. I have also been fortunate enough to work with him as conductor in performances of Strauss and Mozart Horn Concertos. The same innate sense of phrasing, articulation and presentation which distinguishes his piano performances is present in his concerts as a conductor. When he is in front of an orchestra he treats both the music and musicians with the utmost respect. This coupled with a sound technical knowledge of music and technique lends his concerts a real sense of occasion. It is a rare privilege to meet such a distinguished and unpretentious musician. I have always admired Michael’s commitment to music and he continues to inspire those with whom he comes into contact.’ 

David Pyatt, French Horn Virtuoso and Principal with the London Symphony Orchestra


  • ‘…..is an accomplished musician. As a conductor he gives firm direction yet handles his players with tact and understanding. I believe he will go far as a conductor. He is thorough in preparation, is dedicated in his work, and his seriousness is offset by a most acceptable sense of humour.’ 

The late Martin Milner OBE, Internationally renowned Orchestral Leader


  • ‘…..is a first-rate musician. He is active as both a conductor and a pianist throughout the UK and Europe. He is an indefatigable worker and never fails to motivate others by example. He also has great presence therefore, in a concert situation he able to draw the attention of both audience and orchestra to focus intensely on the music….  Allied to a highly developed skill in balancing orchestral sounds, Michael, through a combination of intellect and instinct never fails to give exciting results….Michael has a wide musical knowledge, an ability to bring the best out in his players and a fine conducting technique.’  

             Trevor Green, Managing Director Melbourne Symphony Orchestra


  • ‘…..is an accomplished conductor, who allows a soloist the flexibility to be spontaneous, whilst always ensuring solid support from the orchestra. He really encourages the whole orchestra to rise to the occasion in concerts, and certainly enables all the musicians involved to give of their very best. It is a pleasure working with him.’ 

Alexandra Wood, Concert Violinist


  • ‘…..is very pleasant to work with, knows his scores most thoroughly, rehearses efficiently and obviously has an excellent rapport with the orchestra. I recommend him strongly.’ Martin Roscoe, Concert Pianist


  • ‘I feel we may have another Rattle!’ 

The late Sir Charles Groves, Internationally renowned Conductor


  • ‘Your qualifications more than meet the requirements in a German Opera House. I wish you much success.’ 

Donald Runnicles, Internationally renowned Conductor


  • ‘Thank you for such excellent performances. Everyone was most impressed.’ 

David Hodgson, Producer Thames Television


  • ‘The performance contained moments of musical magic.’ 

Keith Williams, National Federation of Music Societies


  • ‘Dr Michael Ward’s talents and achievements are legion….Musical excellence….the sheer enjoyment of music.’

Reflections Magazine


  • ‘Highly skilled with great sympathy for the music.’ 

Manchester Evening News


  • ‘Brilliantly Done!’ 

Manchester Evening News



Updated:  August 22, 2010

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