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Born and raised in Georgia, I learned quickly that a man's word is his oath.
 I also learned about hard work and the value of a dollar. My Grandfather and Dad taught me how to play guitar at an early age and my Mother's side of the family contributed with Bluegrass and Gospel musicians. I would attend different events with them growing up where we would play and sing. I remember those days very well. I would listen to my elder's stories about their "ramblin" days, growing up on a farm, and just LIFE. I always found the stories fascinating. So I continued the ole Irish tradition by telling stories to my own sons at bedtime when they were young.
 In addition, I was blessed with the ability to tell stories of my own experiences with song and music. Many people tell me that they "feel" or relate to my songs. Whatever it is...I'm thankful that they enjoy them. I believe there is healing in songs when the listener knows that somewhere out there, someone else has experienced what they are going through. Most of my songs are like looking into little windows of my life reflecting on my experiences with relationships, friends, beliefs, and places I've been through the years. Hopefully, you take away something from them that you never had or find something you lost along the way.
"Never underestimate the power of a song".
God Bless.

Updated:  April 10, 2011

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