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      SeĆ”n M Kelly Bagpiper Ph: +353 87 2494954

Sean M Kelly is an accomplished international musician, author, storyteller, philosopher, workshop leader/facilitator and inspirational speaker.
Born into a family of seven children in Ireland he grew up in its capital Dublin. Sean now lives in Wicklow, Ireland with his wife Sheila and four wonderful children.

Sean writes extensively on the internet particularly on his Irish Inspirational blog – where through articles, videos and podcasts he aims to inspire his growing number of readers. Sean has also travelled extensively to many parts of the world bringing his music, stories, unique Irish wisdom and inspiration.

After the passing of his Father, Sean created Dare to Dream, a course and membership website where members are inspired, encouraged and offered practical advice for following their dreams. Using the latest technology participants have access to an easy to follow course, with videos, pdf files, mp3's and much more. There is also a dream community where participants can share and connect with each other. Just go to for more details and inspiration.

Sean has also got an honours degree from Trinity College Dublin in Physics and Mathematics and a Diploma in Applied Science. He is also a Master Practitioner in NLP and has a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. He is also very passionate about helping people use more of their minds potential and did himself come eight in the World Memory Championships in 1997.

Sean has written three books: Inspirations for Living and Dying – A Story about his Fathers passing and the subsequent year of recovery; A Pipers Tales – Celtic Wisdom to Nourish the Soul (52 stories) and Dare to Dream – 9 Spiritual Lessons for Manifesting Your Dreams. He also brought out a Dare to Dream CD which has sold around the world, its aim is to inspire you to follow your dreams. See for more details.

Sean loves exploring the wisdom that life offers us and to share it with others through his music, writing and/or workshops. He also loves the outdoors and brings groups of people on inspirational walks and reflective days. One of his favourite places to bring people is what has been called Irelands Spiritual capital, that is Glendalough. He is also a qualified DRU yoga teacher and meditation teacher which he uses to help people find their own inner inspiration and most importantly inner peace.

Updated:  July 4, 2011

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