Kebin Resume

       Name: JessKebin
Present location: Philippines

A solo performer in all types of music and venue.
Genre: standard Jazz, Ballad, Bossa, Latino beat, Ball room, Disco, Rock, Regae
Stle: Piano, mix piano and sequencer ( accoustic, full band sounds)

GRAND XIV resort Hotel, Dolce Lounge Yamanakako
Yamanshi ken, Mina Mitsuragun,Yamnakako Mura Hirano,Yanagihara 56212, XIV Yamanakako, Japan room 218. Pianist singer-solo
May 12,2010 until Novemeber12,2010 6 months
Grand XIV resort Hotel, Dolce Lounge HAMANAKO
Murakushi-cho,4671-1 GRANDXIV Shoin,Japan ,room 103
July 16, 2009 until January 16, 2010
Valentine Club (Ibaraki-Ken,Jpan) One Man Band Keyboardist yr ;1992-1993
Holiday Inn (Urumuqi,China) Midi Keyboardist with MuzicColleczione Band Sheraton Hotel (Guilin, China) Midi Keyboardist with MuzicCollezione Band 2+3
Legend Hotel (Lanzhou, China) Midi Keyboardist - Nize and Eazy DUO
East Lake Hotel (Shenzhen, China) Pianist/Singer-Solo 12 months
Forum Hotel (Shenzhen, China) Pianist/Singer -Nize and Eazy Duo
Century Hotel (Shunde,China) Pianist/Singer -Nize and Eazy Duo
Hard Rock (Wenjhou,China) Pianist/Singer -Nize and Eazy DUO
Marinah Mingwah Hotel(Shekou,China) Pianist/Singer mixed keyboard midi
under Swiss bell Hotel Nize and Eazy Duo 18months
Holiday Inn (Dalian ,China) Pianist/Singer mixed keyboard midi with
Muziccoleczione Band 1plus 3
Hanakazari Club (Sado,Niigata,Japan) Pianist/Singer-Solo yr2000-2004
Sept 02, 2003 to March 02,2004
July 11,2002 to Jan 11,2003
Nov. 30,2001 to May 30, 2003
June 08, 2001 to Nov. 08,2001
June 06,2000 to Dec. 06,2000
Nocturne Piano Lounge (Miyazaki-ken, Japan) Pianist/Singer-Solo 2005 6months
Aug 02,2004 to Feb 1,2005

BBQ BOY Restaurant,
Philippines Ortigas,Pasig City
Musical Director/Marketing Manager Yr.2006 October till 2008.

CGS Recording Company,
PhilippinesMusical arranger collaboration of original and adopted songs using Midi Programmable machines (Yr. 2000 to present whenever I'm in the Philippines)

De La Rosa Street, Makati, Philippines (2005 to 2006)

Song compilation
You tube
5 min. and 30 sec preview :
10 min live performance:

Whole songs
Were all alone:
From Russia with Love
What a Wonderful world

For any gig or booking contract, functions and parties
please contact:
Skype: jessgenato
Cell number +63(0)/9493159524
(Philippine Land line) +63 49 8344190

Updated:  January 21, 2011

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