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      Jazz, Reggae, R&B Singer/Songwriter

It is often argued whether stars are truly born or simply developed via hard work and dedication. No matter which side of this argument one stands, there is no debating the star quality possessed by the up and coming Monique Dehaney, endeared to hearts of many as simply 'Monique'.

Monique, a Jamaican-born Reggae-Soul singer, is very much akin to her birthplace: small in size with a huge personality and an incredible ability to influence the world around her. Her voice, smooth yet raspy, distinct and melodious, has developed over the years into a soothing instrument trumpeted to carry messages of love and change to the many who turn out time and time again to see her live performances or follow her closely on media services such as Youtube and Facebook.

Monique emerged onto the music scene in Japan in 2005 as the lead singer of a small band. Over the years she has trained continuously and worked in many capacities from back up singer for popular Japanese and foreign artists , the voice of many commercials, studio recording artist, wedding singer, hotel Jazz singer, lead vocalist for local bands and headliner for live Jazz bar performances. With her remarkable and emotional performances on the national television talent showcase "Nodojiman za World", Monique has become a household name across Japan and of late, Jamaica after singing on the most popular TV. She is more than just a singer….Monique is an entertainer!

While Monique genuinely loves performing hits from some of her greatest influences such as Nina Simone, Mariah Carey and Ella Fitzgerald, Bob Marley among others, it is her own original songs that truly showcase the depth of her talent. She has written and recorded a number of songs over the past few years and is now ready to share them with the world. Song titles such as "Hats Off", "Rain" and "Look of Love" are just a few of the sultry rhythms that will be included on Monique's upcoming Debut EP.

Updated:  November 6, 2012

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