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      Mark Anthony L. Uno

(born 17 July 1984) is a filipino guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. This talented vocalist/guitarist has been singing professionally for quite some time now and his vast experiences has taught him that a good strong voice is just not enough to be a top class entertainer. He has chalked up enough years in his performing to know his mettle in his vocal capabilities. He is very confident on stage and has good rapport with his audience.

Mark never fails to wow his audience with thrilling song numbers. He provides the tunes best delivered by male singers. You will surely be enthralled when this guy performs on stage. He is cool and confident - a mark of a performer all throughout.

Personal Info:

name : Mark Anthony Lacsina Uno
birthday : July 17, 1984
birthplace : Manila
sex : male
civil stats : single
citizenship : filipino

celfone # : +639163515908
email add :

Performances Record Overseas:

Sep 3, 2011
Club 7
Park Regis Hotel
Dubai, UAE

Sep 1, 2011
Meydan Hotel
Dubai, UAE

May 28, 2011
White Room Bar
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Feb '10 – Mar '10
Karisma Lounge
Guam, USA

June 14 – 19, '09
Rockwell Café (Capitol Hotel)
Metro Manila Bar (Grand Moov Hotel)
Gravity Bar (Manhattan Avenue Hotel)
Ratsky Ramada (Continental Hotel)
Dubai, UAE

Oct '06 – Apr '07
Ramada Hotel
Doha, Qatar

Dec '04 – Feb '05
Jiarun Sky Club
Shangri La Hotel
Nanjing, China

Jul '04 – Oct '04
Theme Park Marry Land
Guilin, China

Nov 03' – Jan '04
Moon River Pub
Thai Garden Resort
Pattaya, Thailand

Jan '03 – Apr '03
Hard Rock Cafe
Guangzhou, China

Updated:  September 7, 2011

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