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      "Amin "The Meaner Mann" Arif Raja is a guitar player based in Karachi, Pakistan. Raised on a strict diet of Dire Straits, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd & various other classic rock, Amin picked up the guitar in 1995 when there was rampant violence in Karachi & his life was limited to either being at college or being cooped up at home.

Mostly self-taught, Amin got that necessary push in 1996 when he completed a one month crash course from the American Institute of Guitar in New York. Always wanting to play lead guitar in a rock group, Amin joined Karachi underground band Drift in 2001, & his first gig was the prestigious Karachi Rockfest, a platform for Karachi's underground bands. Unwilling to compromise on their musical content, Drift continued to perform as an underground band at various venues in Karachi, & recorded 2 songs & a music video in 2004. Both numbers were well received online & Amin's lead guitar playing received due praise. But Drift disbanded in 2006, mainly because their music was more attuned to western tastes, which could never capture enough of a market in Pakistan to be commercially successful.

Amin's enthusiasm & improvisational guitar skills on stage impressed standup comedian Saad Haroon, & in 2006 Amin was approached by Saad to play guitar for him on his hit comedy show “The Real News”. A month later, Amin joined Saad on his “3-4-5” standup comedy tour, performing in Karachi, Lahore, & Islamabad. Saad discovered that Amin also had creative songwriting skills (both were strongly influenced by Beatles & Bob Dylan) & they started writing original songs together. Before their standup tour to Dubai, they wrote the “Dubai Song” specifically for that audience. Later on they came up with 2 more popular numbers, a rap song called “The Karachi Song” & a blues number about the troubles in Pakistan called “The Paki Pure Blues”.

Amin has now made himself available as a session guitarist for your studio recordings, as well as live performances.

If you are interested in working with "The Meaner Mann", please email to, or text him at 92 300 826 72 67.

Updated:  November 22, 2011

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