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      Michael Sleigh performing as Mick E.D. Slick
Mick E.D.Slick is an Indigenous Aussie Hip-Hop performer.
Mick's D.O.B is 17th of October 1981.
14 songs are now available on Itunes since May 2008.
Ren-E sometimes backs up Mick.
Mick is the main singer/rapper/freestyler.
Mick sings what he thinks sounds good.
Mick sings what he feels.
Mick is able to freestyle extremely well, with an interesting flair and twist of language.
Mick writes his own material which reflects on his life experiences; this includes lyrics and music / beats as well as taking charge of the whole production.
His lyrics are hard hitting but he has the ability to substitute words for appropriate audiences.

He has recorded an E.P – The E.P ‘Straight from the C.B.D.' is a concept E.P and is a fresh style of Hip-Hop, unique and unlike the usual, typical Aussie Hip-Hop.
Mick has also recorded a single in both explicit (parental advisory) and radio edits.
Mick E.D.Slick's music is available on-line at Muzikfreakz and on iTunes since May 2008 as well as http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss?url=search-alias%3Dpopular&field-keywords=Mick+E.D.Slick&x=14&y=20 Napster, Rhapsody and E-music – Nokia.
Mick and Ren-E can be found on www.mysongcast.com.au and http://www.thisis50.com/profile/JosephTheMojoSleigh and http://streetdreams.ning.com/profile/JosephTheMojoSleigh and www.hotsource.com.au and – just do a Google (or Yahoo) search.
Also at http://www.musicianspage.com/musicians/7496/

He has also recorded ‘Can We Get A-Long'. The Long Walk song – Michael Long ex-Essendon AFL football legend. Mick and Ren-E performed the song in front of 3000 people at The Long Walk on the 3rd of December 2006. This inspired Michael Long to write and perform his own ‘Long Walk' song.
Mick has performed at The Niddrie Festival as lead singer of ‘Broadsword'. Mick and Ren-E have performed at many pubs and clubs and festivals.
Mick also raps with some Payback Records Hip Hop Crew.
Mick wants to be known as coming from the Heart of Melbourne.
He represents ‘The E double S' Essendon – The Red and Black.
Mick has performed in many different venues.
Mick has planned all of the strategies of his visual stage production and he has produced the story-boards for his video clips.
We have professionally produced one video clip of the song, ‘See Ya'.

Mick and Ren-E appear on Channel 31 – Noise T.V.
Mick has his own Hip-Hop radio show at 3K'n'D 1503 a.m. radio (Kool and Deadly) - The Mick E.D.Slick Hip Hop Show - on Saturday evenings from 10pm until Mid-night.
Mick also broadcasts The Mick E.D.Slick Afternoon Retro Hip Hop Show from 2:00pm – 4:00pm Wednesdays on 3K'n'D 1503 am radio. Australian East Coast Time.
Mick's broadcasts on 3K'n'D are streamed live, globally on the internet.
Mick E.D.Slick has assisted the Payback Records Crew (Nathan Lovett-Murray) with establishing their radio show as a consultant.
Mick E.D.Slick has also assisted Rock the Block with establishing their radio show as a consultant.
Mick is a committee member at 3KnD 1503 am radio.
Mick is a committee member of Songlines.

Mojo – Joseph (The Mojo) Sleigh.
Mojo-Slick Records

Manager of ‘Mick E.D. Slick'.

P.O.Box 228 Essendon North Vic 3041.

Email joseph.sleigh@gmail.com

Mob: 0414094629

Updated:  October 28, 2009

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