"Mistral" Duo Resume

      Concerto duo "Mistral" was formed in 2004 by violinist Victoria Isabekyan and pianist Viacheslav Ovchinnikov, both Ural State Conservatoire graduates. Throughout their careers the talented performers have given a huge number of concerts in Russia and abroad.

In 2006 Slava toured the USA as a member of "The Kat Trio". Victoria performed with the orchestra "B-A-C-H" and toured Spain with the Omsk Symphonic Orchestra.

During the next year the musicians worked in South Korea. There the duo often made many special performances at prestigious banquets, various celebrations, presentations and receptions, captivating audiences with their musical mastery and broad repertoire. One such event was a reception for George Bush, Sr. and his wife.

Slava takes active part in many professional pianist competitions.

In Pervouralsk, Slava's hometown, they are welcomed guests at various cultural events such as art gallery openings, Memorial Day activities, the Mayor's Ball, music school anniversaries, chamber music evenings and festivals.

These young musicians eagerly take part in all types of interesting projects.
For many years it has been a tradition for the duo to give charity performances for veterans in the Rehabilitation Center of the Provincial Hospital. And every time for scores of enthusiastic listeners their live music is a sensation. Their program consists of masterpieces from different ages and styles.

The duo places high emphasis on the music education of preschoolers- their rhythm receptivity, development of artistic flair, harmony, etc. They teach little ones to understand music. The method of Radinova serves as a basis for these programs. They have performed the series "Open your musical case" in almost all the children's institutions of Pervouralsk, Revda and also Yekaterinburg.

In autumns the duo gives concerts in the Places of Culture drawing hundreds of admirers. Performances are held together with the invited soloists, and background video. In 2009 Concerto Duo "Mistral" was presented with an appreciation award by the mayor of Pervouralsk and the Head of Cultural Administrations on behalf of all citizens.

The community expressed its sincere thankfulness for duo's important creative contribution to culture development in the homeland.

Updated:  January 7, 2011

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