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About Us
We are Monster By Oil. We are a Hard Rock/Metal band with a little Electronics mixed in. We are here to rock your world. We don't mess around when it comes to music. Music has been our lives, and it will continue to be that way. We will always have something fresh coming out, whether it be a new single, album, or just a random song that we want you guys to hear.

We started out in June, 2011 when Trevor and Megan were talking on MSN. We both soon realized that we had a common love and appreciation for music. We both listened to the same bands, and we both played multiple instruments. So at that moment, we started talking about making a band. We are doing what we love and taking a lot, and I mean, A LOT of time to accomplish our dreams, and to provide music for your listening ears.

Our Band Name
 We realize that our band name really isn't something that you would name or call a band. So that is why we named our band Monster By Oil.

What we wanted for the band name was something catchy, something fresh and new, something different. We didn't want a generic band name, or something that was based off a band that we like. Too many bands are doing that these days, and it's just not cutting it. So we decided to use to help us get some ideas on a band name. This site was very helpful.

What we did was search through the names, and we came across a name of By Oil. We liked that, but we thought it needed something else to it. So we kept looking. We came across many band names that we liked, one was Gorgeous Nightmare, but then I realized that was a song title, and I didn't like the band that it was too, so we moved on.

Finally we came across a band name of Monster. At this point, we were like "That would be cool, name the band Monster." And then we remember the band name By Oil. So we just combined the two and came up with Monster By Oil.

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Updated:  September 3, 2011

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