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I am currently making music in my spare time (I write "Pop" and "Indie" orientated music and lyrics). I've always been interested in pursuing a career in music but never really had the "guts" to put myself out there. I have had some positive feedback though from some of my recent songs and feel a little more confident in my ability now.

I am from the UK originally but currently living in France.

My influences are many and varied. I like early electronica (OMD, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode) as well as more "rock" stuff (REM, Nirvana etc).

I'd love to be able to one day give up the day job and immerse myself full time in Music making and production!

I've put some examples of my work on this site. Please feel free to listen, comment and get in touch etc.



Updated:  March 2, 2011

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