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      I started with a Mickey Mouse wind up guitar and did graduate to a Roy Roger's guitar, with Trigger on the back, before I was 5 years old. My grandmother, who lived with us (she was from Poland) knew some how that what she saw was a kid who may like music. I started guitar lessons at Americana Studio of Music and Dance in Detroit, Michigan, owned by Frank Tucci, under the direction of Don Barr. I purchased my first guitar, an Epiphone Sorrento, and amplifier when I was 8 years old with my First Holy Communion money.
I started to play professionally at 13 in a wedding group, The Parliaments that my future brother-in-law was a part of. Since then, 1968-2008, I have either been playing or teaching.
For ten years I performed with Polka group, The Polka-Delics, I played electric guitar, bass, violin and some concertina. For a tad while I played with the Marziasz Brothers in a Polonia group, Quo Vadis. In 1981 then I hooked with with a High School friend Joe Borkowski and we entertained the Detroit-Metro area for 20 years. In 1987 I was given the Best of Detroit Folk Guitar Award by The Metro Times. I played Ovation guitars mostly and in the last six years I intergrated Roland's Gr-07 in to the act.
I went to study music at Eastern Michigan Unversity because they had guitar program there. I auditioned and played some original works for guitar for Dr. Nelson Amos, the guitar instructor, that I had composed and because of that I studied composition with Dr. Anthony Iannaccone. Dr. Amos introduced me to lute music.
As I was in Hawai'i, September 1975, I noticed there was luthier. I bought a personalized custom lute and it flown from Honolulu to Detroit 10 months later. I did my junior and senior recitals on lute and guitar. As present I have done lute demonstrations at Texas A & M, in Commerce when called upon.
Along with many works that I composed I composed a Mass in dedication to Pope John Paul II. The Mass integrated contemporary styles with fusion of 16th century counterpoint. The Mass is S,A,T,B with no guitar. The Mass was my first vocal composition. I personally hand delivered to the Vatican when I was there in 1977. I received an acknowledgement that it was received by the assessor's office under, Monsignor Coppa.
I was the first guitarist at Eastern to have my bachelor's degree in guitar performance and the first guitarist to win consecutive concerto auditions (Vivaldi's Concero for Guitar in D, Largo (2nd movement) of the Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquin Rodrigo). My Masters final project was to take the entire Libro Primo de Intavolaturo d' Lauto by Girolamo Kapsberger (which was in tablature for a ten course lute which was published in Rome in 1611) and put into contemporary guitar notation. It was the first in the world to be totally transcribed.
I was published in the Guitar Federation of America's periodical SOUNDBOARD.
(see my creative page)
Along my adventures abroad, I played in almost every country I had visited.
I have performed or shared musical experience with people within Italy, Poland, France, UK, Greece, Iceland, and China.
One of my latest endeavors had been to compose a work in memory of Dimitris Fampas the other, to compose new works outside the guitar realm and adapt my guitar solos for orchestra and different ensembles.
As far as the work that dedicated for the memory of Dimitrs Fampas, I employed melodies that were used roughly 2,000 years ago and put them in to suite. The work is called The Hellenic Suite and had its debut in Athens, Greece, on December 2, 2009. Thoughts by Thanasis Georgiadis (the performer of the suite) The Hellenic Suite has been more than a pleasant surprise for me. It is a musical piece that did not only enthuse me to taste it as a guitarist and a listener, but also discover it as a Greek citizen embracing the ancient spirits of his own country. Delicately combining ancient standards of melody with Jazz harmony, it creates the sense that is rather a musical novelty than a composition often referred as something known. Thank you Joe.
Dear Joe(from Eva Fampas)
A few words about your Hellenic Suite. During the 2008 as the President of the Guitar Friends Association Dimitris Fampas one of my responsibilities was to organize the OPEN CALL for scores dedicated to the memory of Dimitris Fampas. The first thought that passed from my mind when I received the "Hellenic Suite" by Joseph Rosochacki was that it is a serious work for the guitar and I was happily surprised that a non Greek composer was influenced and inspired by the Ancient Greek Music. The warm applause of the audience in the first performance of this work (PARNASSOS CONCERT HALL, Athens, December 2, 2009)simply proved the talented writing by Joe Rosochacki. Eva Fampas

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