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      Kelvin (Papahkk) Harrison born Kingston Jamaica and raised in the Bronx N.Y and has been playing drums since he figured out how to bang pots and pans together to make his Aunt go crazy. Growing up he played drums at his church and in the school band too. By the age of 12 he was playing behind a full band.When he attend school CES/CIS 229 in the bronx with music teacher Mr Hiram Colon.Kelvin Drummer title a student teacher in percussion drummer in his school,when he was title the name K.k. he clocked in with 1,121 single strokes.When he was pick to be part of NY Lancer drum&bugel corp.After he graduate from CIS 229 he went to Theodore Roosevelt HS for credit after get the credit he needed Kelvin went to a private school In NYC called music & art when take music theory.

Kelvin influenced by drummers of repute like Papa Jo Jones, Buddy Rich,Dave Weckl, Neil Peart.when he perform in front of large audiences.Though he has been mostly a r&b drummer,Kelvin was influenced by other genres too. These genres include hip hop, jazz, blues,reggae,soul, among others he has the ability to play any genre.

After school was about to end Kelvin started to hang around some friend where he start to get in trouble.Then wanted to make a life becoming a rapper when he land a Deal with his cousin lable Big groove record and land a hit song(It`s All Over) with group Kings of all Kings .Kelvin wrote song called (You Can`t Change Me) and started another group and appeared on TV show Uptown Comedy club on 125st.He went back to the church and start playing drums and join the church marching band when he played snare drum.After being part of the band and winning 3 times back to back he was ask to teach the drumline.When he started to teach his own style of drumming.Kelvin had the chance to play for different group but he started to feel like he was lost after the passing of his mother when she died Aril 3,2006 he move to Houston tx and when he met a Keyboard player name Slautter and where he was ask to join a band. Kelvin stared traveling and touring being a inderpendent drummer and recorded for artist in gospel,Pop southern rock

Kelvin played behind reggae artists such as Errol Bonnicks,Bryan Art,Southernrock ChrisGardner where they tour European,japan, China.thanks to papa Jo Jones,Buddy Rich,Tony Royster jr,Arron Spear,Cora Coleman,Nisan Steward,Eric Hernadez,Morris williams and to all drummer all over the world Kelvin (Papahkk) Harrison the drummers zone

Updated:  April 18, 2011

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