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      Dear booking/management company,

I would like to invite you to check out the unique and talented jazz-pop singer, pianist and songwriter PolinaJ and a few songs from her new solo album "Do I move you" (April 2011, Hollywood)

PolinaJ is an award winning artist : finalist of "Song of the year", "Unisong", Las Vegas international competition and more. She has extensive performing and recording experience in U.S. and abroad, and three hours of great repertoire.

She is an amazing, strong performer, passionate about her music, and fun person to work with.

Diana Krall - Norah Jones - John Mayer style.

PolinaJ is ready to sign a booking/management contract to perform in USA and international. She lives in Los Angeles, USA now.

To listen to PolinaJ music, please type "PolinaJ" on youtube.

- original arrangement of jazz standard "All of me"

- original song "On Christmas time"

- original arrangement of jazz standard "It don't mean a thing"

- original arrangement of jazz standard "St. Louis Blues"

- Elton John cover "Sorry seems to be the hardest word"

- original song "Jerusalem"

(This is from solo album, recorded live in only 6 hours)

Thanks for your time,

Jay - the manager

Updated:  November 3, 2011

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