Predict Resume

      Â«Predict» - one of the most extraordinary bands from Latvia, who attract the attention of their eccentricity. Gnashing of overloaded guitars, heavy bass drive, thundering drums, accompanied by interesting vocals - this combination makes «Predict» striking phenomenon in Latvian rock music.

«Predict» was formed in early 2004 in Riga, Latvia.

From the begining the band was playing melodic pop-rock with a sense of romance in their music and lyrics. But eventually as some of the guys where replaced, different musical tastes came together to transform their music into what «Predict» became now.

Band experimenting, bringing in rock music classic sound and electronic elements. In recent years, the band's music became more severe.

Their music fits any occasion, no matter whether you spin their record at home or at the night club, still the most amazing experience is their live performance. Each show is different and filled with energy and drive, all their affectations, facial expressions, hatred and love - all this mixed together make an indescribable aura of musicians, reserving an unforgettable impression.

Band filmed two videos for their songs and recorded an album called «Pulsar».

Updated:  February 2, 2012

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