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      Bio by Anderson Amado:

Radik is Brazilian, born in Brasilia, and his interest in music began at 5 years of age through listening to his father's cassestes, who liked chorinhos, boleros, bossa nova, american jazz and Carnival "marchinhas". His taste for the Brazilian musical culture would increase every year during Carnival time, when his parents used to travel towards the suburb of Rio de Janeiro in order to take advantage of vacation, beaches, grammas' house and, of course, music.

At 10 years of age, Radik moved to Rio de Janeiro and his musical interest began to focus more on the national and international Rock and Pop scene. Radik started singing in parties, clubs and theaters, on a weekly routine cultivated for eight years until his second year of university.

During this academic period, Radik started to frequent Lapa, Santa Teresa, and the glamorous "Zona Sul" of Rio de Janeiro - places where he intensely lived this important part his bohemian life. He began writing poems and to dedicate energy to study History at the university. This time represented a gap in his musical life as far as performances; nevertheless, it matured Radik's desire to dedicate himself to a music instrument and to a poetic/emotional and musical learning process, always associating it to his life experiences.

He left Brazil in 2000, going after a passion of love, and arrived in the United States. The longings for Brazil and the long periods of free time helped him to improve musical skills. He chose the acoustic Brazilian guitar as the instrument with which, besides the voice, he started to express his life's hermeneutic. He then started to compose and record demos with his songs. He lived close to San Francisco, where he began perform in radio shows. He moved to Los Angeles, met, played and got connected with several musicians from Brazil, United States and many parts of the world. He performed in private parties, weddings, hotels, events, bars, art galleries, clubs, universities and restaurants throughout Southern California.

With the acquired experience, he took the decision to record his first album. He finished this work by the end of June 2010.

His influences vary from the several Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) expressions, going through the Classical and Flamenco, until it arrives on Jazz and Soul. His music is an amalgam of these and other musical influences along with his academic, poetic and life experience. The result is a unique expression of artistic vivacity and musical beauty!

Updated:  September 25, 2011

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