Samphire Resume

      Samphire is currently a duo playing a range of music consisting of folk, rock, pop, reggae, jazz and blues.
In certain situations we can also perform as a trio, which may involve a drummer or a pianist
We can be an acoustic duo or an electro duo.
The repertoire is over 250 tunes/songs.
These are mainly cover songs or traditional tunes.
We are also currently recording 2 new CD's which are a 16th Century Renaissance Music CD and a World Music CD.

Both members have been performing regularly for over 20 years in hotels, bars, pubs, clubs and at open air concerts in England and we are currently performing venues in Greece and will be in the UK from March 2012. We have also experience of playing in other countries.

We have also provided entertainment for specific occasions such as Weddings, Burns Night and Paddy's Night. On these occasions we may totally dedicated to Celtic folk music.

One of our strengths is that we often play a minimum of six instruments in a performance. Hopefully this means that we have quite a unique sound and varied choice of songs.

Updated:  January 31, 2012

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