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      She starts singing professionally at the age of 17 as backing vocals but soon turns to the front-lines and begins her solo carrier in several bands, reaching often over two-hundred live performances a year!

From reggae to rock and blues bands to 70's-80's-90's cover bands and acid jazz groups, all around piano bar duo's, mainly with an international repertoire she becomes a great interpreter of big soul names like A.Franklin, T.Turner and a lot of others which brought her to develop a strong and powerful though warm voice.

With her powerful black voice and her very charismatic performances, Sharon May Linn became most wanted housemusic vocalist of Italy and since more than a decennia she has been working as a free-style vocalist and posh mc with a huge number of world known house-music djs, throughout the best clubs, first in Italy and then across the globe, such as Ibiza, Mexico, England, Poland, Switzerland, Romania, Russia, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Santo Domingo, Albania, Kazakhstan, Egypt and many more...

Currently Sharon May Linn is one of housediva singers having shows in the world's best clubs, performing all her biggest hits, having published over 60 releases!
Thanks to hits such as Alex Gaudino's Lil' Love project with the song LITTLE LOVE, or as lyricist and vocal melodist on the song DESTINATION CALABRIA.
Many more info in the presentation brochure (

Besides her housediva carrier, Sharon is still performing in all-around coverbands and pianobar duos.
(Blues, Soul, Classic Rock, Acid Jazz, Evergreens).
She has an acoustic duo (guitar, vocals) performing west-side and evergreen tunes.

As her first lounge album "The Sunset Project" will be published soon, Sharon May Linn is setting up a band for supporting her promotion and for more lounge and chill-out events.

Updated:  August 4, 2011

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